Ashley Sage Ellison

Ashley Sage Ellison is a 24 year old Caucasian adult model. She was born on May 16, 1988 in Manchester, England. Ashley Sage Ellison is a natural blonde with blue eyes. She is 5 feet and 5 inches (165 centimetres) in height and weighs 73 kilograms (161 pounds). Her measurements are 36JJ for her breasts, 32 for her waist and 38 for her hips (36JJ-32-38).

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Ashley Sage Ellison is well-known for her huge breasts. She began her career in the adult entertainment industry in 2007 as a tease model but eventually moved to topless and nude modelling. In 2008, she decided to add 30 pounds to her weight to cater to the chubby erotica market. She has an official site even before she started working for Scoreland in 2009. In 2010, she was a runner up for the model of the year award under the category of voluptuous. She was previously known for the aliases Sage Ellison and Ashley Sage.

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Ashley Sage Ellison is a busty blonde teen. She is standing at the bottom of a staircase with her back turned towards us. Both of her hands are covered with elbow-length gloves and she is holding up her long blonde hair. She is wearing a black dress with a corset top and the bottom skirt is hiked up to show her big round ass Ashley Sage also have black stockings with lace trim on her legs. This photo is a nice tease feature of the beautiful young Ashley Sage.

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Ashley Sage Ellison Huge Melons gives us a sneak preview on the normal life of a beautiful young girl. Here we see Ashley Sage on her hands and knees with a big smile on her face. She has a camouflage cap on her head, a white spaghetti strap and army fatigue pants on her body. Because she is on all fours on the grass, we have a grand view of her big tits. What we like about Ashley Sage Ellison is the fact that she is just the pretty teen next door who simply happens to have a great body. She doesn’t need to show much for us to get turned on.

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Ashley Sage Ellison Hot Teen is wearing an all pink ensemble—matching light pink tight tank top and shorts and dark pink bra. Her blonde hair is neatly pulled back in a ponytail and she looks like she will be doing some workouts. Her body is slightly bent and her hands are pressing against a red yoga ball. From this view we get to Salivate at the sight of her massive teen jugs that seem to be screaming to break free from her tight clothes. Be a good girl Ashley Sage and show us your melons please?

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Ashley Sage Ellison shows us that she can be super hot as a bunny without having to be skinny. Here we see the busty blonde teen on her hands and knees on a pink and black bed with Playboy bunny print. She is wearing a pink bunny outfit of bra, skimpy shorts and fluffy pink bunny ears. Ashley Sage has a sort of seductive smile on her pink lips as she poses for the camera. From this perspective we can see the cleavage on Ashley’s massive tits, the curve of her hips and butt, and her soft flawless legs. Now that is one hot bunny.

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Ashley Sage Ellison gives us a taste of her kinky side in this amateur porn video. As we can see in the photo, Ashley Sage has a naughty smile on her pretty face and we are about to find out why. Here her blonde hair is mid-length and has some layers. She is topless and we have a clear view of her huge 36JJ natural breasts. Ashley Sage Ellison’s left hand is covering the nipples on her left breast but she has whipped cream on her right breast dripping and covering her areola and nipples. What an excellent way to tease. She makes us want to lick that cream off of her now.

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Ashley Sage Ellison Brassiere shows us the pretty young thing Ashley Sage bearing a different look. Here she does not have her usual teeny-bopper look of cute smile and bright coloured clothes. Instead, she has a more mature, seductive and vixen appearance. Her usual plain blonde hair is messy with brown low lights and she has a seductive sort of pout on her lips. Ashley is shedding off her clothes and we can see her large breasts almost popping out of her black stripped bra with lace trim.

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Ashley Sage Ellison shows off her curves by posing side view inside a room. She’s got her arms on her hips and a seductive look on her face. She has a sporty shirt that is white with navy blue trim and deep blue boyleg panties covering her pussy and buttocks. From this view we get to fully appreciate the largeness of Ashley Sage’s breasts and the hotness of her ass too. Now that we know just how big her boobs are we will never get enough until we get to see them.  And you can see them by joining her site.

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Ashley Sage Ellison is inside a bathroom with brown tiles and light brown curtains. She is standing next to a white tub and it appears she is undressing to take a bath. Her hands are on holding her denims and we can see her light blue cotton panties. Covering her big tits is a tight yellow shirt. The way her tits are bulging out of her breast is enough to excite us already. And yeah taking anything off if exciting but we would be more excited if she took off her top instead of her pants.


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Ashley Sage Ellison is a sexy teen with huge boobs. Here she has a naughty look on her face while she is biting on a yellow lollipop. Ashley Sage is wearing a pink spaghetti strapped top with lollipop print on it. The way she looks just now makes us wonder about the other things she can do with her mouth. Would she want to suck on something other than candy? Like undo that cute tank top and maybe suck on her nipples.  Hell just one feel of those big breasts would be good enough for me.